Thursday, 13 June 2019

Latest E2B v1.B2e Beta with bugfix for some Acronis ISOs hanging

Some bugs have been found and fixed in grub4dos.

The most serious for users is that a few Acronis ISOs seem to hang when using the previous version of grub4dos.

Changes from released version v1.B1 are (v1.B2e changes in red):
  • Bugfix: grub4dos hangs when booting some Acronis ISOs.
  • Bugfix: grub4dos blue\black color setting causes green background
  • New feature: %MEMSIZE% and %BITNESS% variables can now be used in HEADING and HELPTEXT or anywhere inside MyE2B.cfg (e.g. 2028 64)
  • Add Slovenian language files and Croat\Slov kbd file added (thanks to Peter K).
  • Add Turkish language and kbd (thanks to Tayfun)
  • Add improved Czech language files (thanks to Pepa) and new Czech kbd files
  • Bugfix for switching to .imgPTN after ptn2/ptn1 switched over using RMPrepUSB-Ctrl-O-2.
  • Improve ISO's VOL and UUID which are displayed below menu area
  • Improve E2B_Editor.exe for MyCSM.cfg editing (will add language and kbd from a .imgPTN USB drive)
  • Improve change kbd and change wallpaper .mnu menu files
  • Change QEMU to use standard VGA graphics ROM instead of cirrus logic graphics ROM
  • Tweaks to \_ISO\e2b\grub\menu.lst
  • Updated Make_E2B.exe

v1.B2e1 - bugfix in countfiles.g4b now works even if user has deleted any of the Windows sub-folders.

I hope to release this version soon, so let me know if you spot a problem.

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