Tuesday, 26 February 2019

E2B v1.B0b Beta available (install windows 7 on modern USB 3 systems)

Download latest E2B v1.B0 Beta
  • Bugfix in countfiles.g4b for windows ISOs with .iso324GB suffixes not being counted properly (the Windows folder had to have at least one .iso or .imgPTN file to be shown in menu - now it will work even if only one .iso32 or .iso4GB etc. file is present).
  • ALT_ISO variable support added and \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\Windows\Install Windows 7 with USB 3 (WinNTSetup).mnu for installing Win7 on modern systems.

Install Windows 7 (ALT_ISO )

If you use an override file extension of _.winntsetup.iso on a Windows Install ISO, it will automatically boot and run WinNTSetup.exe, but you will have to then select which ISO you want to install manually.

The new ALT_ISO variable is for use with Windows Install ISOs and WinNTSetup.

It allows you, for instance, to install Windows 7 onto modern (USB3) systems using a Windows 8 or 10 Install ISO for booting by specifying which ISO to automatically load into WinNTSetup.exe when it starts.

An example Sample mnu File is included: \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\Windows\Install Windows 7 with USB 3 (WinNTSetup).mnu

Read more: http://www.easy2boot.com/add-payload-files/windows-install-isos/winntsetup/

.mnu file

#Use this menu to boot from a Win10 or Win8 Install ISO (or WinPE ISO) and load a different ISO - e.g. Win7 ISO
#See http://www.easy2boot.com/add-payload-files/windows-install-isos/winntsetup/

title Install Windows 7 (WinNTSetup+Windows 10)\nBoot to Windows 10 and run WinNTSetup\nwith Windows 7 ISO as the source.\nUseful if the system has USB 3 ports
# Paths: use forward slash instead of \  and escape (precede) spaces using \

# Specify boot ISO
set ISO=/_ISO/WINDOWS/WIN10/Windows10x64UK_Oct_2018.iso

# Specify alternate Source ISO to load into WinNTSetup
set ALT_ISO=/_ISO/WINDOWS/WIN7/Win7PRO_x86_X15-65804_NCQ.iso

# Specify alternate batch file to run
#set STARTUP=/_ISO/docs/E2B\ Utilities/WinNTSetup/test_WinNT.bat

#we need to use the force.WinNTSetup keyword if the name of the ISO does not end in _.WinNTSetup.iso...
QRUN.g4b force.WinNTSetup %ISO%

Tip: Place the Windows 7 drivers for your system in a folder on the E2B drive. Then before rebooting (either before you start WinNTSetup or after WinNTSetup), you can copy the Windows 7 drivers from the E2B USB drive to a folder on the hard disk so that you can install the USB 3 + other drivers from the driver folder on the hard disk when you boot to Windows 7. If you don't do this, you may not have USB access or working network drivers!
  1. Run the E2B menu item
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+D in WinNTSetup and run a DiskPart script to partition and format the target drive
  3. Setup the WinNTSetup fields, choose Edition and click Setup (do not tick the Reboot box)
  4. Allow Win7 to install to the target hard disk (don't reboot yet)
  5. Press Shift+F10 to get a cmd console
  6. Run Notepad.exe
  7. Use the File - Open dialog box to find your Win7 Driver folder on the E2B drive and copy the folder to the C: hard disk drive
  8. Reboot from the hard disk to install Win7
  9. Install the Win7 drivers which are now on the hard disk drive

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