Tuesday, 19 February 2019

E2B v1.A9 is now released!

v1.A9 2019-02-19 Includes a new file extension override feature, a new WinNTSetup feature and a new filename sort prefix feature.

  • New feature: can use extension override xxxxxx_.(override).iso at end of filename - e.g. hirens_.isowinvh.iso - override must start with _. and works for any extension. The extra _.fileext.xxx text is removed from the menu entry.
  • New feature: xxxxx_.WinNTSetup.iso now causes any Windows install ISO (except XP) to run WinNTSetup automatically and supports dual x86+x64 ISOs - you can also use your own batch file to automate WinNTSetup by using the STARTUP variable in a .mnu file (blog here).
  • New feature: filename sort prefix can be used (e.g. _000_Ubuntu 64-bit.iso is sorted as if it begins with 000_ but is listed in the menu as Ubuntu 64-bit without the override characters). Can be combined with a _. extension override -
    e.g. _$$$000_Ubuntu x64_.isodef64.iso would be listed first in Main menu due to '$$$0' being alphabetically the first file in menu.
  • New feature: batch files added to \_ISO folder for convenience: _Make_Ext.bat, _Snappy Driver Installer.bat, _Sysinfo.bat, _Download URLs - Shortcut.lnk
  • Improvement: grub4dos \grldr 2018-12-23 latest version.
  • Improvement: Make_E2B.exe now has graphical buttons.
  • Improvement: E2B_Editor.exe revised + added 4 extra options for centering menu text, etc.
  • Improvement: minor changes to \menu.lst and \_ISO\e2b\grub\menu.lst for small boot speed improvements.
  • Improvement: remove countiso.g4b to speed up enumeration of Windows ISOs.
  • Improvement: .imgPTN code in QRUN.g4b now checks for grub4dos backup sector at LBA1.
  • Improvement: QRUN.g4b now detects HAIKU ISOs and suggests using the .HAIKU file extension.
  • Improvement: Windows Install ISO 'Repair only' prompt now changed to 'Repair\Setup' because pressing ENTER will now boot using WIMBOOT and so the ISO will be loaded as a virtual DVD and Setup will run without using an XML file.
  • Improvement: extension override now works for '32', '64', '3GB' and '4GB' suffixes so the menu entry is not listed in the E2B menu - e.g. Win10x64_.isodef64.iso - the menu entry is only listed on 64-bit systems.
  • Improvement: use --mem --top instead of --mem where the payload may be very large, e.g. Win10.vhdmem.
  • Improvement: Util_Man.exe hack now launches control panel automatically.
  • Extra: Extra Sample mnu Files\E2B Menus .mnu files added so you can add your own F1, F7, F8, F9 and F10 .mnu files.
  • Extra: Added netrunner+persistence sample mnu file.
  • Bugfix: in QRUN.g4b for redir not suppressing all output if NOSUG is set.
  • Bugfix: fix QEMU_MENU_TEST bug when 9 or more drives in system.
  • Bugfix: TimeAccess.g4b sometimes miscalculated.
  • Bugfix: QAUTO.g4b and AUTOMN.g4b now does not use reserved memory at (md)0x230.
  • Bugfix: Menus were not always sorted correctly if filename started with a number.

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