Saturday, 16 February 2019

E2B v1.A9k Beta available (with new sort override prefix feature)

This version also has a new 'sort prefix override' feature,

As you know, E2B will alphabetically sort the menu entries.

This means that Mint.iso will always be listed before Ubuntu.iso unless you rename the Mint.iso file to zMint.iso.

However, the E2B menu will then list the file as zMint.iso, so then you need to make a .txt file (zMint.txt) so that the menu entry looks nice.

The new feature in E2B 1.A9k allows you to avoid having to make a .txt file - you just rename the payload file using a sort prefix override.

The new sort prefix override

Starting with E2B v1.A9k Beta you can change the menu order by starting the filename with an underscore  _ followed by any number of characters and then another underscore _.

E2B will remove the leading _ character and then sort the files according to the 2nd and following characters.

Sorting is not case sensitive.

In this way, you can change the sort order of any item in the menu.

Note that the menu entry will appear in the menu without the entire prefix override.

For instance:

\_ISO\MAINMENU\_aba_DLC 2017.imgPTN

The files will be listed without the the _*_ prefix and so they will be listed like this in the Main Menu:

Set default menu entry and timeout
DLC 2017

Note that _$$$aaz_Ubuntu.iso will be listed first in the Main menu, even before E2B's $$$SetDefaultMenu.mnu file because $$$a comes before $$$S.

WARNING: Do not use four consecutive $ symbols at the start of the filename (e.g. _$$$$) because this may stop the special $$$$CONFIG folder from working correctly.

The _ xxxx _ sort prefix also works with folders and .mnu files as well as payload files.

You can use numbers if you prefer (e.g. _000_ to _999_) but be aware that _10_her.iso will be listed before _2_his.iso because 1 comes before 2 in the sort order!

Can be combined with a _. extension override - e.g. _$$$aaa_Ubuntu x64_.isodef64.iso.

Please click 'cool' if you think you will use this new feature and let me know if you find a bug!


  1. YES!! I have been waiting for something like this for awhile.. Thanks!!!!