Sunday 13 January 2019

E2B v1.A8 Release Candidate 1 now available

v1.A8_RC1 is now available for testing.

E2B v1.A8 RC1
Press ENTER to Skip WIMBOOT if it causes a problem (e.g. <1GB RAM)

List of changes since v1.A7:

  • WIMBOOT function is now supported by the Windows Install menu so that Windows Install ISOs will work from an E2B USB hard disk without needing to connect a WinHelper flash drive. If prompted, WIMBOOT can be skipped by pressing the ENTER key.
  • QRUN.g4b now detects when an .iso file is a Windows Install ISO so now they can be run from any standard E2B menu folder and no WinHelper USB drive is required (1-2GB+ RAM required). 
  • MemTest86 (MBR+UEFI) .imgPTN file now added to the Utilities - Memory Test sub-menu (MemTest v8.1 Jan 2019) - adds 30MB to size of E2B files.
  • New .isoPELD and .isoPELD1 file extensions load the ISO as the Y: drive using WIMBOOT. 
  • Fix sample XML VM Disk1 typos (was 'Diskid' now 'DiskID'). 
  • Can now add set NOREPAIR=1 into MyE2B.cfg to suppress the 'Press any key for Windows Repair only...' prompt for Windows 8/10/2016/2019 ISOs. 
  • Yellow 'NOHELPER' text is now displayed as a reminder if the NOHELPER variable is set in the MyE2B.cfg file. 
  • Fix some language text issues in STRINGS.txt files. 
  • In case of a payload/menu error, Ctrl+F8 global hotkey completely reloads E2B. 
  • New default background.
  • QEMU_MENU_TEST (run as admin).cmd now rescans drives on exit, so if you select a .imgPTN file and then quit QEMU, Windows Explorer will display the new drive contents.
This is a Release Candidate, so the full release will follow in a few days if no problems are reported.

I have decided to add in a MemTest86 .imgPTN file which includes the latest MemTest86 8.1 which was released this month (Jan 2019). Even though this adds 30MB to the size, I think most people will find it useful. It also demonstrates how to use .imgPTN files, how they work, how to UEFI-boot, Secure UEFI-booting and how you can use Clover to boot to UEFI .EFI files and run the enhanced UEFI version of MemTest86 from an MBR boot.

WIMBOOT also works with Murphy's All-in-One Windows Install ISOs and allows you run run Murphy's install scripts or Windows Setup.exe.

Please try it and let me know if you find any issues by emailing: steve (at) easy2boot (dot) com.

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