Sunday 27 January 2019

E2B v1.9Ad Beta available

The v1.9Ad Beta version supports the automatic launching of WinNTSetup from a Windows ISO.

You can now cause a Windows NT6-based install ISO (Vista to Server 2019) to boot and run WinNTSetup and automatically load the same Windows install ISO as the WinNTSetup source file.

The file must have the file extension of .iso so that it is loaded by WinNTSetup.

So although using a file extension of .WinNTSetup could be used, we need to use the new file extension override feature (xxxxxxxxx_.override.iso).

Note: Version 1.9Ac allowed the override _. key to work with any file extension, not just .iso files.

Note the ISO is loaded and the first image in the Install.wim is automatically selected.

You need to add WinNTSetup to the E2B drive by following these instructions.

The Windows install ISO can be placed in any standard folder, but if you place it in the \_ISO\WINDOWS\WIN8 or WIN10 (any folder except XP or Vista or 7), then it has the advantage that if you press ENTER when you are prompted to hit ENTER for the repair option, it will boot it and run WinNTSetup instead!

This means you can choose to install the ISO using WinNTSetup (hit ENTER to choose Repair) or the standard E2B (XML) method (just wait a few seconds for the repair prompt to disappear).

The WinNTSetup files can be located in the E2B \WinNTSetup folder or the standard \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\WinNTSetup folder.

WinNTSetup will allow you to automatically run a Diskpart script (hit CTRL+SHIFT+D).

WinNTSetup allows you to MBR-boot directly from the ISO with E2B but make a GPT+UEFI installation on the target disk.

An XML file can be selected (e.g. an SDI_CHOCO XML files) using the Unattend Option.

Don't forget to also select which Edition you want to install in WinNTSetup as the WindowsPE pass section of the XML file is not run when using WinNTSetup.

WinNTSetup (not the XML file) determines which Edition to install and what partitions to install Windows onto.

E2B v1.A9e will support dual-architecture Win install ISOs + WinNTSetup.

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