Thursday, 24 January 2019

E2B grub2 menu system Beta10 is now available

You can download the new grub2 menu system files from the Alternate Download Areas or click here.

The web page has been updated with the new changes.

Secure Boot

With this new version, you can secure boot and it will list the ISOs.

It can (amazingly!) boot to unsecure ISOs as well as secure signed boot files! This breaks the whole principle of 'Secure Boot'!

If the .grub2 menu uses linux or linux16 commands, then the boot to the linux kernel will be unsecure, if the menu uses linuxefi commands then the files must be signed in order to boot correctly.


If you want to Secure Boot, then the second partition on the E2B USB drive must be FAT32 because the grub2 ntfs filesystem module is not loaded in the secure boot mode. This will obviously limit the size of the ISO that you can use to 4GB (although you could extract the ISO file contents and make a 'flat-file' boot menu).

Pausing execution

In Secure Boot mode, the 'read' command (which waits for a key press from the user) is not supported, so the sleep command will be used instead when in secure boot mode. The sleep command adds an uninterruptible delay. You can set the delay period using the showdelay variable in a grub2 menu folder defaults.txt file.

Detecting .grub2 menu files

Previous versions could detect and collate all the .grub2 menu files which could be of any name.

However, from Beta10 onwards, it will now only detect .grub2 files of certain specific names:

the five pre-set menu files:
  • antivirus_menu.grub2
  • backup_menu.grub2
  • linux_menu.grub2
  • security_menu.grub2
  • utilities_menu.grub2
and six user menus which you can add yourself:
  • custom_menu.grub2
  • custom1_menu.grub2
  • custom2_menu.grub2
  • custom3_menu.grub2
  • custom4_menu.grub2
  • custom5_menu.grub2

If you want to add more .grub2 files, simply add a 'source' line inside any of the customX_menu.grub2 files that you make, e.g.

source $isofpath/grub2/myspecialfile.grub2
source $isofpath/grub2/myubuntu64.grub2
source $isofpath/grub2/zorin64a.grub2


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