Monday, 12 November 2018

New XMLtoE2B v2 Beta

XMLtoE2B.exe is a Windows 32-bit utility that can modify an XML file for use with E2B Windows Setup.

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the source files of the current v1.0.39 version so it has not been possible to maintain it.

However, I have been spending many days working on XLMtoE2B version 2.

XMLtoE2B v2

The new version has a few extra options such as:

1. Uses 7z to extract the Image Index numbers from Install.esd and Install.wim files.

2. The buttons linking to the new WAFG site now work.

3. SDI_CHOCO for ISO and .imgPTN files can now be inserted into the XML file.

4. UserName and Password can be specified.

5. A few extra check boxes for Hide WiFi setup, etc.

6. New CHOOSE_DISK (no wipe).diskcfg file added - load this Disk config file to prevent a disk from being wiped, partitioned and formatted. The user must create and format partitions and select the install partition manually before installation proceeds.

A licence file is required to use XMLtoE2B.exe.  Anyone who has donated £10 or more can ask for a licence file.

Alternatively, if you promise to send me test reports of at least 5 different Windows Installs using E2B and an XMLtoE2B-generated XML file, I may give you a free licence so you can test it.

You can download a beta version of XMLtoE2B v2.0.45 from here.

Note: You must always load an original WAFG XML file - do not load a modified XML file because it may be missing some sections.

If you think you have spotted a bug, please report it to me and also send me the Debug* output files which will be in the same folder as XMLtoE2B.exe.

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