Monday 12 November 2018

New XMLtoE2B v2 Beta

XMLtoE2B.exe is a Windows 32-bit utility that can modify an XML file for use with E2B Windows Setup.

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the source files of the current v1.0.39 version so it has not been possible to maintain it.

However, I have been spending many days working on XLMtoE2B version 2.

XMLtoE2B v2

The new version has a few extra options such as:

1. Uses 7z to extract the Image Index numbers from Install.esd and Install.wim files.

2. The buttons linking to the new WAFG site now work.

3. SDI_CHOCO for ISO and .imgPTN files can now be inserted into the XML file.

4. UserName and Password can be specified.

5. A few extra check boxes for Hide WiFi setup, etc.

6. New CHOOSE_DISK (no wipe).diskcfg file added - load this Disk config file to prevent a disk from being wiped, partitioned and formatted. The user must create and format partitions and select the install partition manually before installation proceeds.

A licence file is required to use XMLtoE2B.exe.  Anyone who has donated £10 or more can ask for a licence file.

Alternatively, if you promise to send me test reports of at least 5 different Windows Installs using E2B and an XMLtoE2B-generated XML file, I may give you a free licence so you can test it.

You can download a beta version of XMLtoE2B v2.0.45 from here.

Note: You must always load an original WAFG XML file - do not load a modified XML file because it may be missing some sections.

If you think you have spotted a bug, please report it to me and also send me the Debug* output files which will be in the same folder as XMLtoE2B.exe.


  1. WAFG doesn't appear to be active. I'm not able to get an original xml file anymore. Is there an alternative method to get one?

  2. Works for me!

    1. I'll be damned. Turns out it's my company's firewall. Thank you, good sir.