Friday 23 November 2018

E2B v1.A7e available

This version v1.A7e just has two Robocopy .cmd scripts added which you can use to quickly backup the files of your E2B partition to a folder (E2B_MASTER) on your Desktop and then you can restore it to the same USB E2B drive or a different E2B drive using the Restore script.

Files which are already present are not re-copied so only the changes are updated.

The contents of the target USB drive will be a duplicate of what is in the backup folder. This means that if you have extra files on your USB drive which are not in the backup folder, then the extra files will be deleted from your USB drive - i.e. it will be an exact duplicate.

The Restore cmd script also runs WinContig after restoring the files.

You can run these two .cmd files directly from the E2B USB stick or you can copy the two files to your Desktop (but you will have to enter the drive letter of the E2B USB drive).

If you have two partitions on your E2B drive, the 2nd partition is ignored.

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