Monday 19 November 2018

E2B v1.A7d Beta now available

E2B v1.A7d now supports the .isoDPMS file extension. If you have an XP WinPE-based ISO such as DaRT5 or ERD2005, it probably will not be able to see SATA hard disks once it has booted because it lacks the correct SATA drivers. By booting it using the DPMS feature, the correct SATA\RAID\SCSI 32-bit XP driver should be automatically added. This saves having to create a new .mnu file based on the ERD5_DPMS.mnu found in the Sample mnu files folder.

List of changes since v1.A6:

  • .help files now don't display the first three UTF-8 bytes in a UTF-8 file
  • Support for multiple .help files with different background images using a .mnu file
  • Small bug fix to Update_E2B_Drive.cmd when an empty USB drive is selected
  • Small fix to Add_Bootmgr_to_E2B_drives.cmd if empty floppy drive in system
  • Small changes to Make_Ext.exe, Make_MyE2B.cfg.cmd, isoboot.g4b, QAUTO.g4b, QRUN.g4b (now does not warn if .help file is not contiguous)
  • Fix bug in SDI_CHOCO - the %BIT% variable is now available in MyStartup.cmd and MySetupComplete.cmd
  • Update WinContig.exe to latest version
  • Minor bug fixes to some .cmd scripts in case your Windows TEMP path variable has spaces or other funny characters in it.
  • .isoDPMS file extension supported for DaRT5\ERD ISO (will load 32-bit XP SATA\RAID\SCSI driver). You must have the DPMS version of E2B for this extension to work.
Download here or from the Alternate Download Areas as usual.

P.S. The Halloween 'surprise' code has been removed from this version.

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