Wednesday 20 September 2017

Create a Restore partition on your UEFI Windows 8\10 PC using CloneZilla

Tutorial 89 on the website describes how you can add a local Restore image to your PC\Notebook hard disk so that you can take a backup or restore the Windows partition at boot time.

It uses Clonezilla and grub4dos and it is reasonably easy to set up.

However, that tutorial was for MBR\Legacy Windows systems.

Mike A asked me for a new CloneZilla-based Tutorial for UEFI-based Windows systems using GPT partitions.

Automated Backup\Restore for UEFI Windows systems

Tutorial 142 has just been added and describes how you can add a similar boot menu system to your Windows 7\8\10 system using CloneZilla and grub2.

The UEFI grub2 menu
Just press A for Auto-Restore on boot, and you will have a clean OS in 10 minutes!

I suggest you test it out on a spare system first and make sure you have an offline backup if required.

However, the system does not involve changing any of the Windows boot files and so is pretty non-invasive. You just need to create two new volumes on your hard disk.

If you have any questions or problems, let me know. Mike A has already successfully followed the Tutorial and has successfully performed a backup and restore.

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