Saturday 16 September 2017

Cassini-Huygens (1997-2017)

To mark the end of this remarkable spacecraft, I have made two animations for your E2B menu, which I have taken from the wiki here. Cassini NASA/JET website here. (jpg) (.bmp)

The .ima file, .txt code to use in your MyE2B.cfg file and the original .GIF (in case you want to make a new animation of a different size) are available in the Alternate Download Area - Theme folder as .zip files.

Using the GIFtoIMA.cmd script included in E2B, it is now very easy to make an animation file. See this page for details. These two took me about 5 minutes each.

Titan animation (transparent background)

If you want a transparent background, then convert to .bmp frames. If you don't want to use a transparent background, convert to .jpg frames (which will result in a smaller .ima file).

Note that you may need to add 20-50KB to the suggested size when prompted by the GIFtoIMA.cmd script. If the script fails because there is not enough space, just exit using CTRL+C and then try again but specify a larger size.

Cassini was powered by hot Plutonium which was used in it's Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator.

P.S. All previous E2B default wallpapers are now available from the Alternate Download Area.

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