Saturday 30 September 2017

Add a slideshow to your E2B menu

I have made a quick PowerPoint presentation and converted it to an 'animated GIF' .IMA file for use with E2B. So you can now have PowerPoint slides on your E2B menu!

The white slide will change every 10 seconds (180 timer ticks) if you use these lines in your MyE2B.cfg file.

# E2B Boiler plate
set STAMP1=0x80=570=25 /_ISO/e2b/grub/E2BPlate.bmp

# SlideShow 0x10=non-tranparent, 180=10 seconds, 24 = number slides, 550x25 = x,y co-ordinates
set ANIMFD3=/_ISO/Slide1.ima
set ANIMATE=0x10=180=24=550=25 (fd3)/E2B/Slide1_frame_0001.jpg

The MyE2B.cfg file and the Slide1.ima file can be downloaded from here - both files need to be in the \_ISO folder.

If you want the animation to start with a randomly chosen slide, use:

# E2B Boiler plate
set STAMP1=0x80=570=25 /_ISO/e2b/grub/E2BPlate.bmp

set last=24 ;; set /a l=32768 / %last% > nul ;; set ANIMFD3=/_ISO/Slide1.ima
set /a randnum=%@random% / %l% + 1 > nul ;; set l= ;; if %randnum%>=%last% goto :rlp
if %randnum%<=9 set randnum=0%randnum% ;; set ANIMATE=0x10=72=%last%=550=25 (fd3)/E2B/Slide1_frame_00%randnum%.jpg

How to make your own SlideShow

Use E2B v.1.95 or later

1. Create your slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint. I found it best not to use a fussy background.

2. Save the slides to a new empty folder using PowerPoint's - Save As - Other Format - Device Independent Bitmap (*.bmp) - Export every slide.

3. Run KickMyGraphics.exe - Add graphics - (select all slides).

4. Clear the Loopback mode tick box and then save as a GIF using the Make animated GIF button.

5. Drag-and-drop the new .GIF file onto the \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\GIFtoIMA\GIFtoIMA.cmd file on your E2B drive.

I used:
W = 240   (width = 240 pixels to fit on RHS of menu box)
N=.JPG     (use .BMP if you want transparency, but the .ima file will be much larger!)

Add the IMA file to your E2B drive \_ISO folder and tweak the settings as required to adjust the time between slides and it's position on the display.

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