Wednesday 30 August 2017

Run DOS games from E2B

E2B contains a FreeDOS image in the DOS Menu which can boot to FreeDOS and allow you access to the NTFS files on the E2B drive. This allows you to run copy simple DOS programs to the NTFS E2B drive - boot to FreeDOS - and run them directly from the E2B drive (as drive C:).

However, the amount if free memory is limited in this environment due to the NTFS driver, etc.

Here is how to make your own DOS Games payload (.imgPTN file) for E2B:

How To

First watch this video and obtain the file linked in the video.

1. Create an empty folder DosGAMES on your Windows Desktop

2. Extract the file into it

3. Now download and extract any game you like from

4. Create a new folder under DosGAMES and extract the file that you just you downloaded into it.

5. Repeat 3 & 4 for any other games you fancy.

I tried:

.\DosGAMES\3DDUKE      (do NOT call the folder DUKE3D as that is created when you install it)
.\DosGAMES\WeirdIs          (Weird Island)
.\DosGAMES\SABA            Super Acid Block Attack (Acid Tetris)

Tip: The CDROM folder can be deleted if you wish, as it is not required.

6. Drag-and-drop the DosGAMES folder onto the MPI_FAT32 shortcut (you need the MPI Tool Pack installed).

For Duke Nukem 3D you will need to ensure you have 3MB of free space. Usually this is not a problem as the smallest size is 38MB. Filename = DosGames.imgPTNAUTO

7. Now copy the DosGames.imgPTNAUTO file to one of the menu folders on your E2B drive and have fun!


cd \SABA

cd \WeirdIs

cd \3DDuke
install               (follow prompts)
cd \Duke3D

Setup with no sound card

Not the same without sound though...

Note: To get sound working you may need to add DOS SoundBlaster drivers and configure the Config.sys and use an old system that contains a compatible sound card (or a Virtual Machine)! So for games that require a sound card, just choose the 'no sound card' setup options!

If you get a 'not enough memory' error when running a game (Duke3D), try  removing the  device=emm386 noems line in the \Config.sys file.

Sometimes you need to use the cursor keys in the number pad on the PC keyboard instead of the four separate cursor keys. Try Num Lock off if it still does not work. For numbers try both the number pad keys and the top row of keys on the keyboard.

Run DOS games under Windows

Of course, to run DOS games with sound, you should use DOS Box on a Windows system.

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