Tuesday 29 August 2017

E2B v1.95d Beta now available

E2B v1.95d has the latest version of grub4dos 0.4.6a 2017-08-28 (\grldr) (available in Alternate Download Areas). It also fixes a small bug with FASTLOAD when using very large menus.

This new version of grub4dos has major changes on the way grub4dos modifies and uses memory.

Please update to v1.95d and report any problems if you find them (go back to v1.95c to check that the problem is with 1.95d).

The changes in grub4dos fixes a previous bug which could cause XP to fail to boot and give a 0K low memory error (see bug report).

E2B popularity is growing!

When someone uses Make_E2B (exe or cmd) to make an E2B USB drive, the script will download LatestE2B.txt from my web server to tell the user if there is a newer version available. A recent hit count for that file shows that on average, Make_E2B is run 1,500 times a day!

The stats also show there are now over 15,000 downloads a day of E2B and E2B+DPMS (the downloads are used to update E2B drives or make an E2B drive using linux as well as make a new drive under Windows) - and that download count does not include downloads from the Alternate Download site.

E2B is free and I mainly rely on ad revenues (sorry about all the ads but feel free to click on them if they interest you) to pay the site fees and also to buy equipment (for instance, I have bought 2 notebooks on eBay recently to investigate and fix compatibility issues found by users). My aim is that E2B should work on as wide a range of different systems as possible.

You can support E2B by making a donation, I will reward you by sending you two URLs for the easy2boot.com and rmprepusb.com sites which use a tidier format and contain hardly any ads at all. For instance, the Forum page on the E2B site is in the alternate 'cleaner' format for easy2boot.com.


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