Thursday, 31 August 2017

Add PassMark's MemTest86 v7.4 to E2B

The MemTest86 download ISO will MBR-boot and run the old MemTest86 version v4.

The new version 7.4 will only run if it is UEFI-booted.

However, if you make a .imgPTN file from the download, you can MBR boot to the CSM menu and then choose the Clover boot option. This will allow you to run v7.4 even on a non-UEFI system.

MemTest86 has signed UEFI boot files and so the .imgPTN file can UEFI-Secure Boot too.

I have created a MemTest86.imgPTN file and placed it on the Alternate Download sites.

IMPORTANT: Please note, there was a bug in this version which could lead to a 'GRLDR not found' error message on boot and other strange things. Please replace the .imgPTN file with the latest version of this file (2018-03-29).

This allows you to run v7.4 even on an MBR-only system and use some of the extra Configuration options too...