Thursday 16 February 2017

Make fancy E2B wallpapers, collages, web graphics, etc. with a web-based photo editor

I got some junk email this morning asking me to visit the and review it.

Normally, I immediately delete such emails, but today I thought I would take a look...

and it seems it is really quite good!

Some of the features require you to subscribe (about $35 a year), but many of the features are 100% free!

It makes it really easy to add nice fancy text and to select any 800x600 area of a photo.

There are loads of controls and effects too and you can save as .jpg or .png.

If you are looking for a graphics tool for web pages, facebook, etc. also checkout these other websites... (need to sign up to save)  (looks good!) (simple to use) (good for flesh tone adjustment) (seems very similar to fotojet!) (royalty free pictures)

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