Wednesday 1 February 2017

E2B v1.89b/c Beta now available

I have added a few tweaks to the v0.0.3 Make_E2B.exe GUI:
  • Button added to run MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd script - you can use this if you want FAT32 or configure the MyE2B.cfg file in a different way.
  • MAKE_E2B_USB_DRIVE.cmd script now tests for >137GB drives and prompts you to select a partition size of 137GB for best compatibility
  • Make_E2B.exe button automatically reduces partition size to 137GB if target drive is over 137GB (no user prompt)
  • E2B version number now displayed in title bar
  • Remove dependency on COMDLG32.OCX (OCX is not present in Win8/10 standard OS) 
  • 'Extract E2B' button now creates a folder on your Desktop automatically (e.g. .\E2B_v1.89b)
  • v1.89c - you do not need to connect a USB drive first.
  • v.189c - German translation for E2B menu has minor changes (thanks to Frettt!).

Please try it and let me have your feedback.

The other E2B files have not been changed from v1.88.

Download from Alternate Download Areas as usual.

If you have tried it and it works, please tick the Interesting reactions box below.
if you found a problem, you can quickly send me feedback from here.

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