Sunday 19 February 2017

Grub2 Menu system Beta 6 available for E2B

The new Beta 6 version of the grub2 menu system is available in the Alternate Downloads Area.

By default, it now does not use a grub2 theme because on some systems, it seems to cause a very slow menu response in MBR-boot mode.

You can now change the menu text colours in the \ISO\MAINMENU\grub2\defaults.txt file.
You can also specify a wallpaper .jpg or .png file to use as a background in the defaults.txt file too.

The menu heading is always 'openSUSE' in each (MBR) menu. I have not found a way to change this but you can use the greyE2B.jpg wallpaper as a background which will hide the 'openSUSE' text heading and footer help text, if it is in the same colour as the background ('light-gray')...

Use greyE2B.jpg to hide the grey header and footer text.

UEFI-boot with user-defined 800x600 wallpaper automatically expanded to 1024x768

However, you can still enable the grub2 theme menu with icons by setting the USETHEME variable in the defaults.txt file, if you wish to return to the old theme-style menu.

If you have also specified a background image in the defaults.txt file, then it will be visible during file enumeration, just before the theme menu is loaded.

See the E2B grub2 page for more details.

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