Tuesday 29 November 2016

E2B v1.87c Beta available with PassPass for XP up to Win10

Ner0 on reboot.pro has posted a way to patch Windows 10 in a similar manner to that used by Holmes.Sherlock's PassPass.

I have added some new code to the E2B version of PassPass (v1.7a) so that you can now patch Windows 10 to bypass the password entry. The new E2B version is in the Alternate Download Areas.
E2B webpage is here.

Demo video below (3:46 for PassPass)...

My patch is slightly different from Ner0's so that the patch bytes are more unique than just using six NOP opcodes, but the effect is the same.

I have tested the new version on Windows 10 64-bit and it seems to work OK.

To add PassPass to your E2B USB drive, see the \_ISO\docs\PassPass folder.

PassPass patching only works for local account logons (not email account logons).

Let me know if you have any problems.

Note that the Backup/Restore menu options do not check what file you are backing up or restoring. If you backup a patched msv1_0.dll from Windows 7 and then 'Restore' the file to the Windows 10 file NtlmShared.dll then that is your lookout!

If you are testing PassPass, I advise you to backup both C:\Windows\System32\msv1_0.dll and NtlmShared.dll using Windows Explorer first before you start experimenting with PassPass.

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