Monday 21 November 2016

E2B 1.87b Beta available

v1.87b changes from v1.86:
  • Fix typo in SDI_CHOCO which caused scrolllock.exe and capslock.exe error messages. 
  • Improve linux scripts to install grub4dos to PBR and make partition active using parted.
Download from the Alternate Download Areas as usual.

If you make your E2B USB drive under linux, I highly recommend you ensure that the E2B USB drive has two primary partitions. The second primary partition can be any size and does not need to be formatted. This is useful because some computer BIOSes will not correctly boot the E2B USB drive as a 'hard disk' without the second partition being present.

Note that you can prepare both an NTFS or FAT32 E2B USB under linux and make the files contiguous under linux using defragfs (FAT32) or udefrag (NTFS) - see the linux page here. However, to make .imgPTN files (for UEFI-booting and installing Windows from a USB HDD, etc.), you will still need a Windows system to run the MakePartImage.cmd script.

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