Tuesday 22 November 2016

Add CHKCPU to your E2B drive to display CPU Info

CHKCPU is available as a MD-DOS\FreeDOS compatible freeware program by Jan Steunebrink that will display details of your CPU.

I have created a FreeDOS image that will auto-run this utility and then run checkpci.exe to display the systems PCI IDs.
CHKCPU running under VBox
PCI IDs are then listed

If you want to add the CPUINFO.IMA.GZ payload to your E2B drive, you can find it in the Alternate Downloads - Other Files area. You can then copy it to the \_ISO\UTILITIES folder (for instance).

Tip: If you want to make your own FreeDOS .IMA image file, you can load the .IMA file using WinImage (or ImDisk) and then use drag-and-drop to change it's contents.
Also, if you want to be able to edit and test it under FreeDOS, then rename the file to .IMArw. You will then be able to make permanent changes to the image after booting to it. For instance you can delete files or edit them using edit.exe under FreeDOS.
To break out of a batch file, use CTRL+BREAK. 

If you want system information, you could use the DOS version of HWINFO and make a FreeDOS image (see here for details) or use the ready-made HWINFO.IMA.GZ payload in the Alternate Downloads - Other Files area.

HWINFO - DOS version (no longer supported)

You may find the RMPrepUSB tutorial #33 on how to create DOS floppy images useful too. I have included useful blank and template floppy disk images at the end of the article.

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