Wednesday, 17 July 2013

RMPrepUSB v2.1.708 - Change partition type menu option added

V2.1.708 is now available. It has the latest grub4dos version (compatible with E2B v1.04) and also has a new menu option to change the primary partition type number.

This new option was added primarily to allow people to format a USB drive with a FAT32 partition and then use the new menu option to change the type to EEh which is the partition type number for EFI partitions. This means you can now create an EFI FAT32 partition which will boot to grub4dos if you install grub4dos, and boot to an EFI OS or secondary bootloader if you install rEFInd or gummiboot.


  1. Having problems with WIndows 7 SP1 iso's stating device's are missing when trying to install. Tried the unplug usb port trick but it doesnt work on SP1 included iso's.. Also cant seem to find the end of HD secotros and times out. 1.03 didnt have these issues

  2. Do you see the blue console shell window and get the question about Recovery Y/N?
    Are you installing from a USB flash drive or USB HDD+Helper Flash drive?
    There should be no change in 1.04 regarding Win7 installs...?
    What do you mean by can't find end of HD sector and times out? Is this the message at start of E2B booting that checks the BIOS can access all the hard disk? If so, you need to make sure all your files are within the first 137GB of the USB HDD.