Monday, 22 July 2013

Easy2Boot and XBMCBuntu

I have added a new .mnu file that can be used with an XMBCBuntu 12.2 ISO file to allow you to run XBMCBuntu with persistence. Please read the text in the .mnu file for details. The .mnu file is at the bottom of the Tutorial 72a page.


  1. hi
    does Windows XP installation work if the setup contains OEM or $OEM$ folders?

  2. Try it. You can try the 2-step menu entries or try the Install using WinPE option.

    1. it works with WinPE method only. this method is nearly the same as WinNTSetup of Hiren's Boot CD.
      also can ya confirm if Hiren's BootCD 15.2 Rebuild All in One Bootable CD ( can be included using the steps of Hirens Boot CD 15.1 DLC version ( in Easy2Boot?

  3. Try renaming the Hirens iso to .isowinvh and see if all functions work. If not you may have to extract the \hbcd folder. See Tutorial 29 for more details.

  4. P.S. For mini Win7, you can use ImDisk to mount the hirens ISO once you get to the Desktop (select CD-ROM in ImDisk form). Then youi can use the HBCD apps.
    For the DOS tools, you may have to extract the HBCD folder...

  5. so I have to put both the full Hirens ISO file and the extracted HBCD folder in order to fully work? that would mean the size of the overall Hirens BootCD would be nearly double (more than 690MB)…

  6. You can extract the whole ISO to the USb drive and just use a .mnu file that has:

    title HBCD 15.2
    configfile /hbcd/menu.lst

    This should work for FAT32 USB drives. If you are using an NTFS E2B drive then when a DOS program prompts you for a CDROM driver, instead of Auto - choose NTFS. It should then find the \HBCD folder.

  7. thanks.
    add this info to the respective Hirens page.