Saturday 17 February 2024

New 'Ventoy for E2B' v1.0.97 pre-release

I have now made a pre-release version of 'Ventoy for E2B' which has been based on the current Ventoy 1.0.97 version.

The current released version is based on Ventoy 1.0.79 and so it is getting quite outdated.

The new 'Ventoy for E2B' v.10.97 recompiled pre-release files can be found here.


This is a pre-release. Please test on a real system (not a VM) as Ventoy does not seem to 'play' well on VirtualBox and it may crash or behave weirdly!

Add 'Ventoy for E2B'

1. Download the file and copy it to the \e2b\Update agFM folder on Partition 2 of your E2B USB drive.
2. In Windows Explorer, drag-and-drop the new .zip file onto the Add_Ventoy.cmd file
3. Press Enter when prompted to install the new version.

Add VentoyPlugson.exe

If you want to configure the \ventoy\ventoy.json config file using VentoyPlugson.exe then you will need the new version for 1.0.97. This new modified version will recognise the E2B USB drive as a 'Ventoy' USB drive.

1. Download VentoyPlugsonE2B.exe and copy it to \ventoy\VentoyPlugsonE2B folder in  Partition 1 of your E2B USB drive

2. Download plugson.tar.xz and copy it to a new subfolder at \ventoy\VentoyPlugsonE2B\ventoy folder in Partition 1 of your E2B USB drive.

So we now have:
  • \ventoy\ventoyPlugsonE2B\VentoyPlugsonE2B.exe
  • \ventoy\ventoyPlugsonE2B\ventoy\plugson.tar.xz

You should now be able to run the new \ventoy\VentoyPlugsonE2B\VentoyPlugsonE2B.exe file from the USB drive and it should now detect the E2B USB drive as a 'Ventoy' drive.

I will release this version as soon as I get enough +ve reports,

Please test and report on:
  • Legacy booting + UEFI booting on the following
  1. Linux ISOs
  2. Windows Install ISOs
  3. WinPE ISOs
  4. VHDs
  5. .VLNK files

Compile your own version of Ventoy!

Full details of which source files need to be modified so that it would work on an E2B drive are included in eBook #4 on agFM.

Other details are freely available here.

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