Tuesday 26 July 2022

E2B v2.14 now fully released

 v2.14 is now fully released and is on FossHub for fast download.

There were a few small changes including tweaks to QRUN.g4b and E2B_Editor.exe since the 2.14 version that I made available a few days ago on the Beta Alternate Downloads OneDrive site. You can update again to the full release version if you wish.

The E2B_Editor.exe utility now displays the X-Y co-ordinates of the cursor as well as the colour of the pixel under the cursor in the floating tooltip - as shown below. This may assist you when setting STAMP and ANIMATION co-ordinates. 

Note that E2B_Editor.exe only shows STAMPs if the .bmp file does  not contain 'transparent' pixels. If you need to use a transparent STAMP .bmp file you can use MS Paint to load the .bmp file and save it as a non-transparent .jpg for temporary testing in the E2B_Editor. Similarly, because E2B_Ed will not display any animation (even if you have defined one), if you make an extra STAMP .bmp or jpg of the same size as your animation (e.g. extract one frame from the .ima file - but no transparent pixels) and add it to the MyE2B.cfg file, E2B_Editor will allow you to determine the best X/Y position for it.

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