Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Kon-Boot 4.1 update released

A Kon-Boot 4.1 update is now available from U-Lead.

Kon-Boot is currently the only solution worldwide I am aware of that can bypass Windows 10/Windows 11 online account passwords and does not modify the Windows files (though you can use the E2B UtilMan hack to do a similar job).

 4.1 Main updates:
  • Updates for  Windows 10 / Windows 11

  • Fixed 0xc0000001 boot error issue on newest Windows 11 release

  • Updates for macOS Monterey 12.4

  • Updates for legacy BIOS loader

  • Installer updates

Note that the Kon-Boot EFI boot file is obviously not signed by Microsoft so Secure Boot to a Kon-Boot USB drive is usually not possible, however you can add the Kon-Boot files to an E2B drive and then Secure Boot to agFM and from that menu run Kon-Boot. See a previous blog for more details.

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