Wednesday 9 March 2022

Are you looking for a good website or blog host?

If you have read my eBook 'How to make $1000 a month from the Internet' you will see that I recommend that you set up your own website and/or blog and that you do not use the free hosts .

I also strongly recommend that you always use a WordPress (Linux-based) host server and that you do not go for any host which attempts to suck you in with free offers or very cheap deals. The reason is that after a year , when you come to renew your subscription, you will realise that their full annual rate is much more expensive than the others. Also, you will realise that in order to get certain features working on your site, you will need to purchase a more costly 'premium plan' and that you are now 'locked in' (having spent hundreds of hours on the design and content of your website).

Also, with a free host site, you are not in control. They can easily turn round one day and say 'we are sorry to announce that from next month we are closing this service' and you are stuffed!

The other problem you will find with these cheaper hosts is that their support is often very poor. They tend to reply with 'stock' boiler-plate answers or just a URL to point you to help page instead of actually paying close attention to the details of your issue and then fixing it. 

After a great deal of research, I decided to go with Hostinger to host my WordPress websites - I consider them good value and they have excellent support too.

You can now get 20% off any Hostinger plan (for first time customers) using the Hostinger Special Offer link here (I also get a small commission!) or you can use my Coupon code which is RR622868FFE1A87 when you sign up to a plan.

I am not recommending Hostinger because of the commission that I will earn however, I use Hostinger myself and I pay them good money from my own pocket. If I was not happy with them then I would not recommend them to you.

Note that you should choose your hosting plan carefully and always look at the standard renewal cost of the plan (after the special offers end).

You can see the other standard Hostinger plans here. I recommend the WordPress Starter plan which is $5.99/month (if you sign up for 48 months). This plan allows you to have up to 100 WordPress websites/blogs.

The XXL package is only $12 a year more at $6.99/month renewal costs ($2.99/month initial cost less 20% if you use my link = $29 a year!). If you are serious about starting a website or blog, then I recommend choosing a 48 month term for the best value - there is a 30-day moneyback guarantee so you have nothing to lose by trying it.

If you read my eBook, it will give you hints and tips as what to look for in a hosting plan. For instance, you need to consider the annual renewal costs of the chosen plan, domain renewal, SSL, webmail, daily backups, domain privacy, etc. which are all extra annual costs. It is pointless to choose a host which is $10 cheaper than another host if you have to pay $50 more every year for the additional features.

Hostinger is quite not the cheapest host but you get what you pay for. Many 'cheaper' hosts will charge you a lot more when you come to renew too, and this can give you quite a shock!

I strongly recommend that you use WordPress based host (the software that is, not the hosting company!) because most sites in the world are based on WordPress and therefore you can easily add new features when you need them (instead of the website host saying 'sorry, we don't support that new  feature which is now required by Google' and thus forcing you to change hosts!).

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