Saturday, 4 December 2021

Why not start a 'side-hustle' during the holidays?

Instead of watching your favourite box-set again during the holidays, why not use the time to set up a 'side-hustle' or two instead? With the Omicron virus around, you won't be going out much anyway...

Get this T-shirt here. Try the coupon code FINISHLINE and you may get 25% off this week!

So with a little bit of effort why not earn extra income from the internet. In many cases, this can be set up as a 'passive income' source - i.e. once you set it up, it will continue to earn you money for many years and you don't have to do anything else except count the money every month!

For instance, I set up a RedBubble 'shop' in just one day yesterday (and I have ZERO skills when it comes to graphics design as you can probably tell!). RedBubble will sell your designs for you. Your designs are printed onto a wide range of their products on demand and it costs nothing to start.

E2B sticker for your laptop/PC from as little as £1

E2B Classic Mug from £8-ish with coupon code.

Can you work out the message on my plain black T-shirt below (for maths geeks only - and it is for sale -  tip: try the coupon code FINISHLINE before Dec 8th and you may get 25% off!;-)?

Start by multiplying both sides by r twice,
then multiply by e to remove ln, etc...

There are plenty of good YouTube videos about making money on the Internet but it is hard to know which ones are genuine and which ones are just trying to push the products which they get paid for!

You may be interested in my eBook 'How to make $1000 a month from the Internet' which contains some ideas, pitfalls, recommended YT video links, hints and tips which you may find useful and which I wish I knew when I first started - all drawn from my personal experiences. For instance, I wrote a $3 English eBook manual for a cheap piece of Chinese electronic test equipment which had no English instructions and it has so far created $500-worth of sales (and that's without any advertising - just from people finding it by using Google search!). In the eBook I also tell you how you can get a professional to design your artwork for as little as $5!

Why not give it a go. Some of the 'side-hustles' cost absolutely nothing in start-up costs so what have you got to lose?

Happy holidays,


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