Monday 28 June 2021

Ventoy images are now made with and without Secure Boot

The standard Ventoy image that was made by the Make_Latest_Ventoy_Partion_Image.cmd script contained the Secure Boot enabled EFI boot files.

However, this version does not boot on many systems (such a Lenovo laptops, etc.) - I get a 'Linpus Lite' boot option but it won't Secure Boot or load MokManager.

So I have now modified the script to produce two Ventoy images, one with the Secure Boot (InSecure Boot) files and the other image which does not support Secure Boot. which is much more compatible (but won't work if Secure Boot is enabled in the BIOS).

I also find that MokManager does not work on many Secure BIOSes (crashes/hangs/doesn't load) which is why E2B does not use it.

So you can now you pick which Ventoy image you want (no need for two Ventoy USB drives).

Note: v1.72c now makes 3 images, the last one includes the Kaspersky Secure Boot bypass mechanism so you can Secure Boot to Ventoy without needing MokManager.

Update Instructions

First follow the previous blog article, then...

1. Download the latest agFM v1.72b Beta version

2. Extract it to Partition 2 of your E2B USB drive

3. Run \e2b\Update agFM\Make_Latest_Ventoy_Partion_Image.cmd to make the new Ventoy image files.

You should now have two img files on Partition 2:

The startup_default.cfg file will also be updated, but you will need to change your startup_menu.txt file if you have made your own  agFM startup menu.

if [ -f (${user})/ventoy.disk.img -a -f (${user})/Switch_Ventoy.cfg ] ; then
menuentry "Ventoy image (Secure Boot) [Ptn2=32MB image]" --class=img {
set vdisk=ventoy.disk.img
grubfm_open "(${user})/Switch_Ventoy.cfg"
if [ -f (${user})/ventoyNS.disk.img -a -f (${user})/Switch_Ventoy.cfg ] ; then
menuentry "Ventoy image (no Secure Boot) [Ptn2=32MB image]" --class=img {
set vdisk=ventoyNS.disk.img
grubfm_open "(${user})/Switch_Ventoy.cfg"

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