Thursday 25 June 2020

COMSS 2020-06 multiboot ISO now available (Ru/Eng)

The COMSS 2020-06 multiboot utility ISO is now available. There is a Lite version and a 'full fat' version. The initial menu prompts you to select either Russian or English at the start.

New in version 2020-06:

  • AntivirusLiveCD 33.2-0.102.2 (2020)
  • ASTRA 6.70 (2019)
  • Avira Rescue System (2020-06-24)
  • DFSee 16.6 (2020)
  • DiskGenius (2019)
  • Dr.Web LiveDisk (2020-06-23)
  • GParted 1.1.0-1-i686 (2020)
  • HDClone 9 Free Edition 9.6.1 (2019)
  • HDAT2 7.0 (2020)
  • HWiNFO 6.1.1 (2020)
  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk (2020-06-23)
  • Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (2020-03-31)
  • PCI ID's for Hardware Detection Tool (2020-05-29)
  • Sophos Bootable (2020-06-23)
  • Windows Defender Offline (2020-06-23)

See here for more details. The full version has 30+ more apps and utilities!

Only Dr Webb and Kaspersky are UEFI64-bootable in both versions of the ISOs but you will need to convert the ISO to a .imgPTN23 file for UEFI64 booting. The ISO does not seem to UEFI-boot after loading it as a virtual CD on an IODD! Also UEFI32 is not supported.

The majority of the other AV apps and utilities are MBR-bootable only and seem to work OK when booted from the E2B menu from the ISO file (you can use a .isodef file extension).

To convert to a .imgPTN23 file, just drag-and-drop the ISO file onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop icon after installing the MPI Tool Kit. Use the default options (Syslinux v5 or v6  plus auto-configure).

Other recent popular boot CDs can also be downloaded from the same COMSS site here.

Note: I cannot vouch for the safety of the site or its contents!

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