Friday 26 June 2020

Add Medicat 2020 to your Zalman\IODD disk

The Medicat 20.05 download comes as a .BIN file which contains a 512-byte header file which is only recognised by a few utilities such as OSFMounter and ImageUSB by Passmark.

Here is how to convert it to a VHD file which is suitable for loading via your Zalman\IODD device.

Note: For medicat.20.06.1.img - from here - I used BitTorrent and then just copied the .img file to my IODD\Zalman and renamed it to medicat.20.06.1.vhd. You can then mount it as a virtual drive.

Instructions for medicat 20.05  .bin file

1. First download the Medicat file or files from here. You need to make the large 60GB .BIN file if using 20.05.01 (follow the instructions).

2. Now make a VHD file. You can use the VHD tool that is provided by IODD or run Diskmgmt.msc from Windows (press WinKey+R), select the partition on the IODD\Zalman device and then use the Action - Create VHD tab...
Note: I created a 64GB VHD but 58GB would have been sufficient. There is no advantage in creating a larger VHD, it just wastes space!

3. Select the VHD in the Zalman\IODD menu system.

If you want it mounted as a Removable (flash) drive then rename the file extension to .RMD instead of .VHD.

4. Now download and run the Passmark ImgUSB utility from here. Wait for the 'IMAGE COMPLETED' pop-up (may take many minutes!).

5. Now refresh the IODD\Zalman to remount the VHD file and you should see two new virtual volumes appear in Windows Explorer...

The first partition is exFAT and the second is an EFI FAT partition.

You should see a Ventoy menu when you boot.

In use, I found several apps just don't seem to boot correctly in UEFI64, e.g. Malwarebytes. Maybe your mileage will vary? At least the Medicat MiniWinPE seems to work.


  1. I just downloaded Medicat.20.06.1.img from a thread on gbatemp, homesite of Medicat I believe? Used VHDTool++ to create a VHD file and mounted it on my iodd mini and used imageUSB to restore it and it works fine. Did the image format change from 20.05 to 20.06.1?

    1. The 20.06 .img file is a direct image. You should be able to just copy it to the IODD and rename it to .VHD.

    2. I wasn't able to boot UEFI using that method, only MBR.

  2. Also used easeUS Partition Master to move the EFI partition to the end of my VHD and increase the size of the main partition.