Wednesday, 13 May 2020

New large font theme for agFM (and discovery of a bug in grub2 themes)

I was experimenting with some grub2 themes yesterday (to use a large font for partially sighted users) and I wanted to create a menu which had a different theme.

However, I noticed a strange problem - sometimes one icon would be missing from the menu list!

This was not a problem due to the large font used because the same issue occurred with the standard small unifont pf2 file.

I noticed this issue because the theme I was testing (hitman) did not use a desktop-image file but instead it used a image object to display the image:

+ image {
id = "logo"
top = 18%
left = 25%
width = 50%
height = 45%
file = "ica-logo.jpeg"
visible = "false"

As soon as I used the Up or Down cursor key, the missing icon would be drawn correctly however.

After a LOT of experimenting and comparing with other themes which seemed to work perfectly, I found that the bug only appeared if you did not define a 'desktop-image: "xxxx.jpeg"' in the theme .txt file. 

The new theme is called seven14Large because it uses a large font and the 'seven' jpeg as the centre image, but you can easily change the image. It fits on 14 entries per screen and includes a scroll bar.

seven14Large - user menu

seven14Large - agFM menu (scroll bar on right)

Instructions are in the README.txt file if you want to try it.

Copy the seven14Large folder to \boot\grubfm\themes

Add the line:
loadfont (${user})/boot/grubfm/themes/seven14Large/unicode-large.pf2
to your /boot/grubfm/startup_menu.txt file

and change the menu to seven14Large:
set mymenu=1
set mytheme="seven14Large"

The other annoying 'gotcha' with grub2 themes is that the scroll bar only appears if you specify a menu_pixmap_style set of bitmaps - e.g.

menu_pixmap_style = "menu_bkg_*.png" 

so this means if you want a scrollbar, you have to use a background of  this type.

Repro the bug

If you want to test the missing icon bug for yourself, just comment out the desktop-image entry in the fm.txt menu file as shown below (in red) and then navigate to a folder which has a lot of entries - often one of them will be missing!:

# Global Property
title-color: "#ffffff"
title-text: "Easy2Boot agFM"
message-color: "#FFFFFF"
message-bg-color: "#000000"
desktop-color: "#000000"
#desktop-image: "black.jpeg"
terminal-box: "term_bkg_*.png"
desktop-image-scale-method: "stretch"

P.S. This bug should be fixed in agFM v1.51 (a1ive has fixed it)

Also Atomic theme is available...

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