Wednesday 27 May 2020

agFM v1.51v2 Beta now available

Download from Alternate Download site as usual.

This version adds the ability to use a file with a .imgptnREP3 file extension (file must be on partition 3).

Changes from 1.50 (v1.51v2 changes in orange)
  • New search (F) button added (e.g. search for file types such a .iso, .wim). 
  • Boot Windows ISO option now runs X:\Setup.exe so that Repair option is offered if no XML file is specified. 
  • Allow use of file extension override suffixes (e.g. Medicat v18.10 stable_.isowin.iso) so extension can be kept as .iso but it will immediately boot with no secondary menu. 
  • Support _.winntsetup.iso file extension suffix for booting to Windows PE from Install ISO and directly loading the ISO into WinNTSetup.exe. 
  • Danish language. 
  • Ventoy boot option for ISOs added
  • Bugfix for Auxilliary partition image file not detected as hfs type 0xAF (e.g. MacOS..imgPTN23+MacOS.), 
  • .imgPTNrep3 file extension now supported (file must be in partition 3). 
  • Add a check to prevent one .imgPTN* file from being used if a .imgPTN* file has already been switched in (thus preventing the backup MBR from being overwritten). 
  • The 'Restore E2B Partitions' menu entry in the startup_default.cfg menu is now displayed whenever the MBR partition table contains a 'switched-in' .imgPTN image.

The .imgptnREP3 file extension allows you to replace partition 3 with any other image file.

I extracted the 10GB 3.hfs file from a Niresh Catalina.dmg file and renamed it.
When it is switched in to replace partition 3, I can use the agFM menu to boot from it (use F3) - you should also be able to directly boot to it from a Mac using its Clover boot manager.

You can thus  UEFI-install any MacOS from one E2B drive.

Please feedback any issues/successes/failures!

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