Sunday 8 March 2020

Latest Easy2Boot v.1.B9 and agFM Betas - call for feedback

I am thinking of releasing the next version of E2B soon.

I will rename Beta E2B v1,B9m and agFM v1.27 as Easy2Boot v2.00.

The Make_E2B utility will prompt the user to add the agFM files after downloading them.

Please can you send me a quick email with any feedback on E2B+agFM (latest versions).

In particular, I would like to know:

  1. Type of E2B USB used: Removable or Fixed/HDD
  2. Version tested: E2B and agFM
  3. Windows Install tests: UEFI64 Windows install from ISO works OK? XML files work?  WipeDisk+SDI_CHOCO.xml files work?
  4. Any issues with any particular payloads? Please give details on how I can reproduce the issue.
  5. Any other feedback welcome.

Please email me at steve @  with your observations.

Note that Make_E2B.exe will only make the second agFM partition + files if you are using Windows 10 OR you are using any Windows OS plus a Fixed-disk USB drive.  i.e. If you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 AND a Removable USB drive, then the agFM partition will not be made (because those versions of Windows cannot access a 2nd partition on Removable flash drives).

The more feedback I get, the sooner it can be released.

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