Tuesday 31 March 2020

Call for help with agFM translation - it's easy!

As you may have noticed, the a1ive grub2 File Manager supports different languages, however many words and phrases have not yet been translated. This is where you can help...

You can easily add or revise a translation using the crowdin app. This is a web-based app which allows you to simply type in the translation for each word or phrase used by the agFM menu system.

To translate

1. First create a new crowdin account. You can sign-in in a number of different ways. Don't forget to confirm your email address when the request is emailed to you (check you Spam folder if it does not appear).

2. Click the language you would like to translate. e.g. French

3. Click "fm.pot" and start translation. (e.g. https://crowdin.com/translate/grub2-filemanager/8/en-fr)

4. Select each word or phrase from the left-hand side and type in the translated word or phrase (1) and save it (2). Do this for each entry (there may be more than one page).

5. Once translated, the crowdin bot will create a pr automatically (https://github.com/a1ive/grub2-filemanager/pull/126)"

I will then compile a new version of agFM after a few days.


  1. I have translated the German part.
    Thank you for all your efforts

  2. Greetings! Installing the second version of E2B is much easier. But the script for automatic partitioning doesn't add 1MB of free space to the end of the flash drive.

    I added a translation for Russian language. But I don’t understand how to add a translation for Ukrainian language.

    1. Unfortunately Diskpart uses all of the disk space so I can't leave a small gap at the end.
      I have asked for Ukraine to be added as a language - check it later.

    2. Ukraine is now added for you.

    3. Thanks. I made a translation into Ukrainian.

    4. Not all strings are translated in Ukraine???
      Disable graphics mode
      enable case-sensitive filenames

  3. Replies
    1. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqlrQcdsFA-K3lizvvnz4YwUvWMH?e=k9ECnv
      Copy to root of agFM partition and UEFI64 boot to test