Wednesday 8 May 2019

E2B v1.B1b Beta available

This new Beta version v1.B1b Beta includes the latest version of grub4dos which has enhanced keyboard support for non-QWERTY keyboards.

Changes in v1.B1b are:
  • Add menu text "(x present)" for number of XP ISOs present in Windows Install menu.
  • New grub4dos setkey command now supports oem102 and Alt+ key chord scancodes.
  • Small changes to Hungarian language files.
v1.B1a had these changes:
  • Add Hungarian language and keyboard support (thanks to Knyght).
  • If the Windows Install ISO filename contains the string 'WimBoot' (not case sensitive) then E2B will not use WIMBOOT to boot the ISO (you must use a Removable USB drive or use a WinHelper Flash drive) - e.g. Win10 Home and Pro x64 1809 Oct English International (NoWimboot).iso

Hungarian keyboard AltGr codes

On the Hungarian keyboard, some of the standard English ASCII characters are produced by using the AltGr key plus a letter or number key (the AltGr key generates a Alt+Ctrl key code).

For instance, the Hungarian keyboard is engraved so that the user expects AltGr+v to generate the @ symbol.

Previous versions of grub4dos did not recognise the AltGr when using the setkey command to change the keyboard mapping, however the latest version of grub4dos now recognises  A0-A9, Aa-Az, oem102 and shiftoem102 as valid key names. Alt+oem102 is not supported.

Note that grub4dos produces the same key code for Alt+v and AltGr+v and Alt+Ctrl+v, so these three key chords will all produce the same character.

The Hungarian keyboard scan code batch file \_ISO\e2b\grub\KBD_QWERTZ_HUN.g4b is used to convert the Hungarian keyboard codes to produce the standard USA characters:

#turn off errorcheck in case using old grub4dos with no Alt key support
errorcheck off
#clear all settings
#setkey [new character] [QWERTY-USA character]
setkey y z 
setkey z y 
setkey Y Z 
setkey Z Y 
setkey 0 backquote
setkey quote exclam
setkey doublequote at
setkey plus numbersign
setkey exclam dollar
setkey slash caret
setkey equal ampersand
setkey parenleft asterisk 
setkey parenright parenleft
setkey backslash Aq
setkey bar Aw
setkey bracketleft Af 
setkey bracketright Ag
#setkey greater Aoem102 - Aoem102 not supported
setkey less Az
setkey numbersign Ax
setkey ampersand Ac
setkey at Av
setkey braceleft Ab 
setkey braceright An
setkey less Am
#use É (USA=:) for $
setkey dollar colon
setkey question less
setkey colon greater
setkey minus slash
setkey underscore question
setkey at doublequote
setkey tilde A1
setkey caret A3
setkey backquote A7
#use oem102 and shiftoem102 (Í and í) for greater and less
setkey greater oem102
setkey less shiftoem102
#use  Ö for asterisk
setkey asterisk 0

#Hun AltGR chars: less greater numbersign ampersand at braceleft braceright semicolon asterisk backslash bar tilde caret quote doublequote bracketleft bracketright

echo QWERTZ_HUN KBD MAP %redir%

#key names
#escape, exclam (!), at (@), numbersign (#), dollar ($), parenright ()), caret (^), ampersand (&), asterisk (*), plus (+), percent (%)
#minus (-), underscore (_), equal (=), parenleft [(], backspace (backspace), tab (Tab), bracketleft ([), braceleft ({), bracketright (])
#braceright (}), enter (carriage return), semicolon (;), colon (:), quote (') , doublequote ("), slash (/), backquote (`), tilde (~)
#backslash (\), bar (|), comma (,), less (<) period (.) , greater (>), question (?)
#space, home, uparrow, pageup, leftarrow, center, rightarrow, end, downarrow, pagedown, insert, delete, F1-F10, shiftF1-shiftF10, ctrlF1-ctrlF10

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