Saturday, 4 May 2019

E2B v1.B1a Beta available with Hungarian language support

v1.B1a changes (download here in Latest Beta folder)

  • Add Hungarian language and keyboard support (thanks to Knyght).
  • If the Windows Install ISO filename contains string 'WimBoot' (not case sensitive) then E2B will not use WIMBOOT to boot the ISO (you must use a Removable USB drive or use a WinHelper Flash drive) - e.g. Win10 Home and Pro x64 1809 Oct English International (NoWimboot).iso
Knyght has kindly done a lot of work translating the E2B language files to Hungarian. There will also be a translation file for the MPI CSM menu too!

Keyboard support

This proved quite challenging because the Hungarian keyboard is not supported very well in grub4dos.

Many characters on the Hungarian QWERTZ keyboard can only be obtained using the AltGr key - e.g. AltGr+v = @.

In addition the extra key (OEM102) next to the left Shift key is not currently supported by the grub4dos setkey command, so this key cannot be 'translated' in grub4dos.

I have asked the grub4dos developers if they can support AltGr and the OEM102 key.

If you have a Hungarian keyboard, please try the new language and new keyboard scan code translation files. You will need to try the non-standard OEMxxx keys on your keyboard to get some of the AltGr set of characters - e.g.


One user reported that a Windows 10 Install ISO that he had made from a DVD using Nero did not work with WIMBOOT but did work with the old E2B version. It worked fine on the new E2B however when he pressed the ENTER key when prompted to skip WIMBOOT by E2B (you only have a few seconds to do this).

I have added a new feature to E2B so that if the ISO filename contains the characters NOWIMBOOT (not case sensitive) then E2B will not use WIMBOOT to boot the ISO but will use the older method which requires a Removable E2B drive or a WinHelper USB Flash drive.

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