Thursday 14 March 2019

E2B v1.B0g Beta now available (Make_E2B.exe now automatically creates 2nd partition if large USB disk)

v1.B0g is now available.

If you make a new E2B USB drive and the USB drive is larger than 128GiB, then the cmd script will now use Windows Diskpart to create a second maximum-sized partition. Note that if you have a >128GiB USB Flash drive (removable-type) then Windows 10 Build 1703 or later is required, otherwise you will just get the usual small 31K 2nd partition.

The filesystem choice is left up to Diskpart to decide - if the second partition is less than 32GB, it will be formatted as FAT32, if larger then it will be formatted as NTFS.

You can still make a single large first partition if you wish, if you run the .cmd file instead of the clicking the big red button in Make_E2B.exe.

Changes from the current v1.A0 released version are:

New features

  • Make_E2B_USB_Drive.cmd/Make_E2B.exe now creates a large second Primary partition if USB drive is > 128GB (if removable USB Flash drive, then Win10 1703 or later is required).
  • File extension suffixes NCQ (non-contiguous+quiet), QUIETP (redr+redirp), QUIET (redir) added - e.g. WinBuilder_10PESE_x64.isoncq.iso so if the file is not contiguous it will boot without any 'not-contiguous' warning.
  • .isoboot file extension supported to run a linux iso using isoboot.
  • ALT_ISO variable in .mnu files supported and added \_ISO\docs\Sample mnu files\Windows\Install Windows 7 with USB 3 (WinNTSetup).mnu for installing Win7 on modern systems.
  • Added new E820 variable (set E820=0 in MyE2B.cfg if get black screen when boot to XP Setup on some Dell/buggy systems)
  • Payload files in \_ISO\WINDOWS\ sub-folders are sorted alphabetically.
  • Sort prefixes now work in WINDOWS folders as well as standard menu folders - .ISO and .imgPTN files under \_ISO\WINDOWS (except XP) can have _nnn_ sort prefix numbers (e.g. _100_Windowsx64.iso) if you want to change the order of the files that are listed in the menu.
  • \_ISO\WINDOWS\Vista/7/8/10/etc. menus will now use the 'default.xml' file automatically if it exists in the same folder as the ISO (e.g. it can be a copy of the 'no key' XML file) - if you add this XML file you will not need to pick an XML file from a list.


    • Added more checks for XP Step1 install when no internal hdd exists - prevents the user from accidentally installing boot code onto his E2B drive.
    • Latest v0.33 gparted ISOs are now supported by isoboot.g4b .
    • grub4dos 0.4.5c deleted from download (0.4.6a has been stable now for over 2 years now!).
    • Added fix30.g4b batch file so user can manually fix a  'LBA30 contains code' error when selecting a .imgPTN file. See here for details on how to repair a 'corrupt' E2B drive.


    • bugfix in countfiles for windows ISOs with .iso324GB suffixes not being counted properly (the Windows folder had to have at least one .iso file to be shown in menu - now it will work if one .iso32 or .iso4GB etc. file is present).
    • bugfix in PWD file extension suffix code in QRUN.g4b.
    • bugfix for menu not displaying correctly on some system if menu help text 'tophelp' is positioned above the menu area instead of below it.
    • bugfix - if only one .XML or one .KEY file is present in a WINDOWS sub-folder, it will now be used automatically.
    • bugfix for Vista\Win7 background not loaded when \_ISO\.jpg\.bmp present (e.g. \_ISO\WIN7.jpg is now loaded when Win7 menu is selected). 

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