Wednesday, 17 October 2018

E2B v1.A6 released (yet another bugfix + new help text file feature)

I just found yet another bug - the AUTO folder menu is not working in the last few versions, so I have fixed it in v1.A6 (not many people use the AUTO folder anyway)!

I have also added a new help file feature. You can now have a menu entry to display plain or UTF-8 text files - just give the text file a .help file extension.

In addition you can set a foreground and background colour for the text file. If the start of the first line contains "0x" then that number will be used as the colour value (the first line will not be displayed to the user if it starts with a colour value), e.g.:

here is the first line
here is the second line
Press a key to return to the menu...

The 0x colour value can be in grub4dos byte format (e.g. 0x1F = blue text on white background) or 64-bit colour 0xRRGGBB00rrggbb format.

Page mode is enabled, so that long text files will be displayed one screen-full at a time.

P.S. V1.A7 will allow you to display multiple pages of help text over any background images you wish, by using a .mnu file. See

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