Monday, 15 October 2018

Add FreeNAS installer and GhostBSD ISOs to E2B

Most BSD-based ISOs can be added to E2B (v1.A5c or later) by using the new .isoBSD file extension.

However, FreeNAS and GhostBSD ISOs are 'special'!

Note: E2B v2 now includes Ventoy. Ventoy can Legacy and UEFI-boot to TrueNAS ISOs.

Here is how to add these ISOs to E2B.

FreeNAS and GhostBSD ISOs

Supports MBR booting only.

Example below for FreeNAS. The same procedure also works for GhostBSD11.1-mate-amd64.iso.

1. Download FreeNAS-11.1-U6.iso - rename it to FreeNAS11.ISO to leave only one dot in the filename+extension.
2. Create an empty folder on your PC Desktop named .\FreeNAS11.
3. Use 7Zip to extract the \boot folder from the ISO to the .\FreeNAS11 folder so that you now have a .\FreeNAS11\boot folder and some sub-folders.
4. Download the file - extract the g2ldr file and copy it to the .\FreeNAS11 folder.
5. Drag-and-Drop the FreeNAS11 folder onto the MPI_FAT32 Desktop shortcut to make a FreeNAS11.imgPTN file.
6. Copy the FreeNAS11.imgPTN file and the FreeNas11.ISO file to the \_ISO\LINUX folder on your E2B drive.
7. Rename the FreeNAS11.ISO file to FreeNAS11 (remove the .ISO file extension).
\_ISO\LINUX\FreeNAS11.imgPTN     (approx 78MB)
\_ISO\LINUX\FreeNAS11                  was the whole .ISO file (name must match .imgPTN file and should not contain any dots)

8. Run \MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS (run as admin).cmd to make all files contiguous.
9. MBR-boot to the .imgPTN file and from the CSM menu choose the g2ldr menu option. You can instead use the \_ISO\SWITCH_E2B.exe utility to switch partitions (choose 0xA5 for the partition type if prompted - any non-0 type will work).
If the ISO is a 64-bit-only version, use a file extension of .imgPTNAUTO64 so that it is only listed on systems with 64-bit CPUs.
If the file name contains a dot, then both files will be listed in the Linux menu, so ensure there are no dots in the file name. If you want to have dots in the menu entry, add a .txt file using \_ISO\Txt_Maker.exe.

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