Friday 14 September 2018

MPI Tool Kit v0.085 Beta1 with language support is now available

This is an experimental version for testing.

I have modified the menu.lst file so that the CSM menu will support other languages.

At the moment however only English is available.

You can test it like this:


1. Download and unzip to a folder on your Windows Desktop.

2. Double-click on .\CreateDesktopShortcuts.cmd to update the Desktop Shortcuts.

Now you can drag-and-drop a payload onto one of the shortcuts to create a new .imgPTN file.

Hopefully, you will see little or no difference in functionality in the final .imgPTN file.

To make a new language file (e.g. GERMAN)

1. Copy the .\csm\e2b\LANG\ENG.txt file in the MPI download folder on the Desktop to make a new file, e.g. .\csm\e2b\LANG\GERMAN.txt

2. Create a .\CUSTOM\MyCSM.cfg file using the .\CUSTOM\Sample_MyCSM.cfg as a template.

3. Change the LANG variable inside .\CUSTOM\MyCSM.cfg

#set the language (uses \e2b\LANG\%LANG%.txt file)
###set LANG=ENG

change to:

#set the language (uses \e2b\LANG\%LANG%.txt file)

You can also change anything else you like in this file (or use the E2B_Editor.exe to create a MyCSM.cfg file).

4. Edit the .\csm\e2b\LANG\GERMAN.txt file to change all or some of the English text to German. Save the file in UTF-8 format.

Note that you do not need to change all the variables in GERMAN.txt. I suggest you change only the mn0 menu entry first to make sure it is working correctly.

set mn0=EASY2BOOT - Switch back to the Easy2Boot menu\nRestore the Easy2Boot MBR.\nThis will restore all the Easy2Boot partitions.

Now test it by making a new .imgPTN file using any source file you like (preferably one with EFI boot files in it so that you also get some Clover boot menu entries).

My hope is that eventually various people will submit new language .txt files to me for inclusion in the MPI Tool Kit. However, please do not send me any language files yet because the ENG.txt file may change over the next few weeks!

Once you have made a .imgPTN, you can tweak your new GERMAN.txt file and test it without needing to run MPI again.

I have made the Beta available for testing, so that you can report any problems.

Note that this MPI Tool Kit includes a new version of grub4dos which allows us to use variables for menu titles. The previous versions of grub4dos did not allow \n to be used for the menu help text, e.g.

set A=FRED\nHelp for fred
title %A%

gave a title of 'FRED\nHelp for fred' instead of placing the help text below the menu.

P.S. Grub4dos has a limit of approx 60 internal variables, so we need to be careful how many variables we use!

GFXMenu support

Previous version of MPI supported GFXMenu 'message' files.

This new version supports a single GFXMenu, however there is NO language option.

To use the English GFX menu, simply add your message file to the .\CUSTOM\e2b folder.

The e2b\GFX_menu.lst menu file (which is in English) will be used instead of the \menu.lst file.

If you require the GFX_menu.lst file in a different language, then copy it to the .\CUSTOM\e2b folder and edit all the title and iftitle lines and make a new .imgPTN file.

I may change this later so that there is a collection of GFX_Menu.lst file in the LANG folder - e.g. GFX_Menu_GERMAN.lst so that if you set LANG=GERMAN and have a message file, that file will be used instead. However, I am not sure anyone actually uses GFXMenus for .imgPTN files?

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