Sunday 2 September 2018

Easy2Boot v1.A1 now released

E2B v1.A1 is here.

As usual, I will delay updating the E2B website with this latest version for a few days, so if you find a problem after updating your E2B drive with v1.A1, please let me know ASAP!

Changes from v1.A0 are:

  • New grub4dos \grldr.
  • New default wallpaper
  • New E2B_Editor.exe - fixes duplicate keyboard entries in dropdown list.
  • New \_ISO\WINDOWS\AIO folder for All-in-One .iso or .imgPTN files.
  • F8 action in Main Menu changed so it does not reload grub4dos.
  • Server 2016 menu entry hotkey changed from '6' to 'D'.
  • Some old .hdr files removed and new MenuWinInstall.hdr added.
  • Sub-menu files \_ISO\xxxx.g4b, .bmp and .jpg are now automatically used if they are present (e.g. \_ISO\ANTIVIRUS.jpg will be automatically used as the wallpaper when the AntiVirus menu is loaded) - see here.
  • PimpMyDrive.cmd now adds Adjust_E2B_Menu.mnu to make the Main menu tidier.
  • PatchMe script updated to suppress the grub4dos 'A20 Debug' message on bootup.
  • Small change to SysInfo2.hta.
  • Small changes to ZZSubMenuAll.mnu.
  • Improved language files.
  • Added 'WARNING: Some types of AV software can cause ChocBox.cmd to run extremely slowly' to chockbox.cmd. 
  • SUB_MENU_Maker.cmd file also added into the \_ISO folder for user convenience (same file as \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities\E2B SUBMENU Maker.cmd).
  • .bat, .xml and .bak files are not listed in a menu if found in a menu folder.
  • .f24 and .uni.gz font files can be placed in menu folders and they will be loaded as new font when selected by user from the menu.
  • farkeyXML.g4b and farXML.g4b batch files added.
  • Few very minor bug fixes.
  • New %loganddisplay% variable added to SDI_CHOCO Myxxx.cmd files to allow user to see output and record it in the log file at the same time.
New Sample mnu files:
  • WIN10_Prompt_for_PCNAME_and_UNAME.mnu
  • WIN10_Prompt_for_UNAME_auto_serial_COMPNAME.mnu
  • Win10_PromptUser_for_XML_settings.mnu
  • DrWeb900_2018_Persistent.mnu sample menu file
  • Improve Adjust_E2B_Menu.mnu sample menu file - the user can change menu settings, etc. from within a single menu.

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