Tuesday 19 June 2018

New Hiren's WinPE 10 64-bit ISO

Just found this post on reddit about a new Hiren's type WinPE.

It is not an official Hiren ISO but is made by a 'fan group' - see here for more info.

All the programs seem to be contained inside a 1.2GB boot.wim file which is loaded into memory as the X: volume. So you can keep the file extension as .iso (or .isodef64 to avoid the E2B auto-suggestion prompt about using a different file extension and not show the file in the menu on 32-bit systems) or you can extract just the \sources\boot.wim file from the ISO and copy that to your E2B drive (.wim files don't need to be contiguous).

Tip: If using the ISO file, keep the extension as .iso (or press SCROLL LOCK) and answer i for 'isoask' to display the 'isoask' list of possible file extensions - then type BF to choose the .ISOBF option - this will patch the ISO to permanently remove the annoying, 'Press any key to boot from CD or DVD' prompt the next time you boot from the ISO file.

If you convert the ISO to a FAT32 .imgPTN file, it will also 64-bit UEFI-boot (2GB RAM required).

The contents appear to be free software only (so no legal implications) and virus free.

I have not investigated all the utilities yet, but both Chrome and FireFox are available and you can select a different keyboard using the Desktop shortcut provided.

I just wish the Desktop folder 'Softwares' was called 'Software'!
[Edit] v1.0.1 now names the folder 'Utilities'[/Edit]

Tip: If you want PEStartup to automatically run, you can add a HBCD_PE.ini file to the root of the E2B USB drive and add some commands to run TheOven_Startup.cmd to the ExtPrograms subroutine,,,

_SUB ExtPrograms

// EXEC  = Wait, @background, ! Hide. ex: EXEC =WaitNoHide.cmd, EXEC @!=WaitHide.cmd, EXEC NoWaitNoHide.cmd, EXEC @!NoWaitHide.cmd

// EXEC Y:\Programs\Sysinternals_Process_Monitor\procmon.exe

EXEC C:\TheOven_Startup.cmd
EXEC D:\TheOven_Startup.cmd
EXEC E:\TheOven_Startup.cmd
EXEC F:\TheOven_Startup.cmd
EXEC G:\TheOven_Startup.cmd
EXEC H:\TheOven_Startup.cmd


The \HBCD_PE.ini file can be extracted from the ISO file.
Since the drive letter of the USB drive may vary, we just try all drives (up to H: in this example).

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