Friday 15 June 2018

E2B v1.99 now available

At last E2B v1.99 is now available!

Note: I have just quickly updated the 2018-06-18 download to v1.99 2018-06-16 - the more recent version just has improved help in Make_E2B.exe, a small bugfix to grub4dos and a new sample mnu file added.

Note: The new eBook is written for use with E2B v1.99.

Changes from E2B v1.98 are:
  • New Milky Way default E2B wallpaper.
  • New grldr grub4dos version 2018-06-12 with beep command.
  • grldr_046 updated to 2017-12-23 stable version.
  • GIFtoIMA.cmd script now asks for transparency setting if .bmp chosen.
  • Utilities - List Files menu now has option to list files in UTILITIES_MEMTEST folder.
  • CONTIG.ISO is now not copied when using the red button in MAKE_E2B.exe GUI to make a new E2B drive. Saves 500MB of disk space on USB drive.
  • Make_CONTIG.ISO.cmd added to \_ISO\docs\E2B Utilities folder so user can make their own CONTIG.ISO file.
  • The .imgPTN23 extension now also makes partition active and uses LBA parameters (now same function as SWITCH_E2B.exe), and it is equivalent to .imgPTNLBAa23. This means that 99% of the time you just need to know about the two extensions .imgPTN or .imgPTN23.
  • Non-contiguous files are flagged when enumerating files (press SPACEBAR quickly twice to pause listing).
  • Non-contiguous .imgPTN files are flagged up in the menu (because they won't work!).
  • Force_Windows_Safe_Mode .cmd files added - useful to force a Windows 8/10 system to boot into Safe Mode.
  • Updated "\_ISO\WINDOWS\INSTALLS\APPS\CHOCBOX\chocolatey-core.extension.1.3.1.nupkg" to 1.3.3. 
  • Automated bugfix added to fix menu.lst file in old .imgPTN files.
  • UPDATE_E2B_DRIVE.cmd now repositions cmd shell window.
  • Setting redir now suppresses the 'System Hard Disk (hd1) not detected' warning message.
  • Fix in dpms2.g4b so doesn't crash older versions of VBox .
  • Update_E2B_Drive.cmd now has 2 second tolerance on file times (/FFT switch added).
  • Fix bug for .imafdhdd0 file extension in QRUN.g4b.
  • Small bugfix when payload files are enumerated to not display folder path in some cases.
  • Bugfix for 0.4.5c detection in Utilities menu.
  • Improve POS2009 .txt instructions in Sample mnu files folder.
  • Sample Tunes in \_ISO\docs\Tunes folder.
  • Sample Run_ISO_With_Alarm.mnu added (sounds an alarm before running any ISO).
  • PimpMyDrive.cmd updated to add Play Tunes menu entry.
  • Sample_MyE2B.cfg updated for beep command.
  • Fix for when .isopwd is used but there is no password set.
  • VIPRE Rescue URL added to \_ISO\docs\Download URLs folder.
  • Desinfect_2018_with_Updates.mnu sample mnu file added.
The new version will be available on the Alternate Download Area sites before it goes live on

Please let me know ASAP if you discover any problems with this version.

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