Tuesday 1 May 2018

Problems adding WiFiSlax to E2B!

Yesterday, someone contacted me via a Chat Session on my www.easy2boot.com website to ask about getting WiFiSlax ISOs to work with E2B. He had tried both the latest 64-bit and 32-bit versions.

The 'List of tested ISOs' page showed that I had tested wifislax-4-7-2-final.iso successfully but this user could not get it to boot.

Since he mentioned that he was using an E2B USB Hard Disk and I had my Corsair 256GB GTX USB drive handy, I downloaded the wifislax64-1.1.iso file and quickly tested it using Virtual Box and VMUB (it looks like an internal IDE\SATA\SCSI HDD under this arrangement). I had no problems and it booted to the WiFiSlax desktop.

However, I then tried booting it from several 'real' systems and they all failed to boot.
Even the older 4-7-2 ISO failed in the same way.

The strange thing was that if I typed the 'fdisk -l' or 'blkid' command in the shell console, the Corsair GTX drive was not listed at all - only the internal SATA hard disk was listed.

I even converted the ISO to a FAT32 .imgPTN file and copied that file to the Corsair GTX drive and switched to it using SWITCH_E2B and got the same results. Both MBR and UEFI-booting failed and the Corsair USB drive was not listed by fdisk.

By using Google, I could find no other reports of any usb boot issues with WiFiSlax. However, I did see many reports of people successfully using Rufus to make a USB Flash drive.

As a last resort, I copied the latest 64-bit ISO to one of my Sandisk Extreme Pro USB Flash drives (this is of the 'Removable' type) and tested it on real systems - it booted with no problems! I also tried the .imgPTN file on this USB drive too and this MBR- and UEFI-booted with no problems.

I can only conclude that WiFiSlax does not detect USB HDDs during booting and so you cannot use USB HDDs to boot to the LiveCD version of WiFiSlax?

P.S. Kali linux ISOs work from the GTX drive.

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