Sunday 27 May 2018

E2B v1.99g Beta is now available (in .zip format)

The new download is available from the Alternate Download Areas as usual, but only in .zip format because it should be regarded as a Beta version.

These are the additional changes since v1.99f:
  1. Non-contiguous files are now flagged when enumerating files (press SPACEBAR twice quickly to pause the file listing). If the files listed are not contiguous, they will be displayed in the list with the text *** NOT CONTIGUOUS *** appended.
  2. Non-contiguous .imgPTN files are flagged on the menu entry itself (because they won't work!). The menu entry will have the text (ERROR: NOT CONTIGUOUS) appended.
  3. Force_Windows_Safe_Mode .cmd files added. This allows you to change the BCD of the current system (see below).
  4. C't magazine Desinfect 2018 sample .mnu file added (see below).

re. #3 - I have added some .cmd file to the \_ISO\docs\E2B_Utilities\Force_Windows_Safe_Mode folder. These can be run from a live Windows 8/10 system or from WinPE (e.g. boot from a Windows 10 ISO and press SHIFT+F10 to get to the console): They require Admin privileges (Run as Administrator):

EnableAdvancedOptionsBCD.cmd - modifies the current default Windows boot entry in the BCD so that on the next boot, the full Advanced list of boot options is presented. This allows you to choose Safe Mode boot, Boot with Logging, etc. This is a one-time only event, on the following reboot you will not see the Advanced Menu.

EnableSafeModeBootingBCD.cmd - modifies the current default Windows boot entry in the BCD so that it will always boot into Safe Mode. It also enables the Advanced Menu (once only) and sets Legacy Boot mode instead of the Windows bootmgr GUI boot menu. To undo the changes, you can run MSCONFIG once in Safe Mode, or run DisableSafeModeBootingBCD.cmd.

DisableSafeModeBootingBCD.cmd - Removes the Safe Mode boot and Legacy Boot Menu setting from the current default BCD.

Typically, if you have a system that you want to Safe Mode boot to, use the EnableAdvancedOptionsBCD.cmd script as this is the least invasive. You can then choose any of the options in the Advanced menu...

EnableSafeModeBootingBCD.cmd will always boot to Safe Mode, even if you don't choose a Safe Mode boot option in the Advanced Menu.

re. #4 Desinfect 2018 sample menu. The first release of the ISO has bugs and does not make a USB flash drive with persistent updates! See the blog article here for details on how to fix it!

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