Saturday 10 June 2017

How to add the UBCD4WIN ISO to E2B

The UBCD4WIN ISO is now quite old and development has been discontinued and the website is no longer available.

UBCD4WIN miniXP (BartPE) lacks drivers for modern systems and so is really only suitable for older systems and chipsets.

The ISO is not downloadable, you have to make the ISO or make a USB drive after installing the WinBuilder download onto your (XP) system and use files from an XP ISO.

Booting directly from the most recent versions of the ISO (using .isowinv file extension) no longer seems to work.

You should make a working USB drive and test it. Then you can copy the contents of the USB drive to an empty folder on your Windows system (omit the System Volume Information and Recycle Bin folders) and then use it to make a .imgPTN file. Choose Yes to combine the \menu.lst files.

Note that there needs to be a \ntldr file in the root of the .imgPTN image and there should be a \MININT folder present and not a \i386 folder (if not, see below).

Convert an ISO

If you only have the UBCD4WinBuilder.ISO file, you can convert it for use with E2B as follows:

1. Extract the contents of the ISO using 7Zip to an empty folder on the Desktop - e.g. UBCD4WIN
2. Rename the \i386 folder to \MININT
3. Copy the .\UBCD4WIN\MININT\ file up a level (to the UBCD4WIN folder)
4. Copy the .\UBCD4WIN\MININT\setupldr.bin file up a level and rename it to ntldr
5. Some ISOs may have been prepared using a Vista\Win7 system (not an XP system) and will require an extra file or else you will get a 'PreLogon' error (see below). Copy the file C:\Windows\Registration\R000000000001.clb from your Windows Vista/7 hard disk to .\UBCD4WIN\MININT\Registration\R000000000001.clb.
6. Now drag-and-drop the UBCD4WIN desktop folder onto the MPI_FAT32 desktop shortcut and make a .imgPTN file (you can use MPI_NTFS if you wish and ignore the warning about syslinux not being able to be installed). Choose to combine the menu.lst files = Y.

Files inside .imgPTN image - check highlighted contents are present.
You should be able to switch to the .imgPTN image and choose from the enhanced CSM menu (not all will be useful!).

First page of CSM menu,,,

Scroll down for 2nd page of CSM menu

PreLogon - File not found!

If you see this error dialogue box when you boot to MiniXP, you are probably missing the \MININT\Registration\R000000000001.clb file! See here for more information about this error and to obtain the .clb file.

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