Sunday 11 June 2017

E2B v1.93h available

v.1.93h has just a few small tweaks + latest grub4dos. + bug in ChocBox.cmd fixed.

One small change in SDI_CHOCO is that you now do not need to edit the SDI_CHOCO.cmd file when you copy it, to change the name of the configuration folder that you want it to use.

For example: if you want to make a new configuration called 'NEW', then you just copy and rename the SDI_CHOCO.cmd file and the SDI_CHOCO folder to NEW.cmd and NEW (folder).

The code in NEW.cmd will automatically look for a configuration folder of the same name as the .cmd file.

So your modified XML file will call NEW.CMD which will automatically use the NEW folder as the configuration folder. The files in the NEW folder:

  • MySpecialize.cmd             - runs after Snappy driver installer before reboot
  • MySetupComplete.cmd     - runs before OOBE
  • MyStartup.cmd                  - runs after OOBE on first user login (which can be automatic)

will control the installation of additional drivers and apps, etc. and the .TAG files will control other
  • NoInternet.TAG - Internet connectivity will not be checked, msoobe will not be called to initialize n/w during Specialize
  • NoChoco.TAG - choco will not be downloaded from internet (but can still be installed Offline)
  • NoSDI.TAG - The Snappy Driver Installer will not run (useful if you install your own drivers)
  • NoWSUS.TAG - WSUS Offline Updater will not run
  • OfflineChoco.TAG - \_ISO\WINDOWS\INSTALLS\CHOCBOX folder is copied to C:\DRIVERS\CHOCBOX and Chocolatey is installed directly from E2B drive
  • NoBeep.TAG - do not beep the speaker (v1.93+)
  • NoSpeak.TAG - don't tell me what you are doing (v1.93+)

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I have added a new page to the E2B site  here  about why the type of USB drive you use for E2B matters.

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