Wednesday 4 January 2017

Foolish IT - 20% off sale now on!

The guys at Foolish IT have a 20% sale on all their products at the moment (if you are quick).

For IT Technicians look at their d7ii software.

  • Provides quick automation with profile switching and execution for different repair scenarios
  • Keep work logs automatically, or quickly build a custom work report with logged actions and templates
  • Extremely customizable configurations enable personalization of tech workflow to your preferences
  • Provides techs with a consistent procedure, ensuring quality performance increases
  • New techs get ‘on the job training’ to your guidelines, while handling 80-90% of the bench work like a seasoned pro!
  • Bottom Line:  Increase technician productivity and efficiency, save time and dramatically increase revenue!

Their latest video about the d7ii Support Online tool is here and they have a channel on YouTube here too.

For their crypto-prevention malware solution (they were the original pioneers of the honey-pot method) check out their CryptoPrevent product (there is a free version too!).

They also have some other free software which you can download here.

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